What we Believe

  • We believe you must be born again.
    John 3:3-18; Rom. 10:9-10
  • We believe in water baptism by immersion after accepting Jesus.
    Matt. 28:19
  • We believe every believer can be, and should be, baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
    Acts 1 :4-5 & 8; 2:1-4; 2:38-39
  • We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today.
    1Cor. 12:1-11; 14:1-40
  • We believe the foundations of the church are: teaching the Word of God, the fellowship of believers, the Lord’s supper, and prayer.
    Acts 2:42-47
  • We believe in praise and worship just like the Bible says.
    John 4:24; Acts 9:4, Psalms 5:11, 32:11, 47:1, 81:1, 149:1-9, 150:3-6; 1Cor. 14:14-15
  • We believe every believer is a missionary sent out to share the gospel message and do the works of Jesus.
    Matt. 18:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; Acts 1 :8;
  • We believe that God loves you, that Jesus died for you, forgave you of all your sins, and wants you to walk in holiness, health, prosperity, and total victory.

If you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, and would like to know more about one, please e-mail us or visit a web site which explains God’s plan of salvation.